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Whether you're selling to a small business, buying from a large one or just managing everyday business purchases, now you can take control of your B2B Trade Credit and Payments and “just Finstro it”.

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Over 90% of all B2B Trade involves trade credit and financing, across all industries. The conduct of B2B Trade presents a number of business challenges for which Finstro is the solution.

40% of Suppliers

Experience the negative impact of slow or later payments

66% of Buyers

Consider longer and more flexible payment terms when selecting a Supplier

100% of Industries

Can benefit by using Finstro for B2B Trade Payments



Suppliers need to extend credit terms to their Buyers in order to remain competitive in today’s market. Buyers consider the length and flexibility of net terms when making purchasing decisions. This dynamic presents both an opportunity and a risk.

With Finstro, you can extend our flexible net terms to your Buyers and increase sales, improve cashflow and reduce risk.

Features for Suppliers

Support Your Customers

Accepting payment by Finstro can extend longer and more flexible net terms to your Customers. This helps their cashflow and differentiates your business from their other supply choices.

Increase Sales

SMB Buyers consider net terms when making ordering decisions. Accepting payment by Finstro will increase loyalty and sales from existing Customers and give you a competitive edge for new Customer orders.

Reduce DSO to One Day

Accepting payment by Finstro means you can turn credit sales into cash sales. Get paid up front or on time while your Customers pay on terms that work for their cashflow. Guaranteed cashflow supports your business planning and growth strategies.

Reduced Risk

Accepting payment by Finstro removes the risk of default by your Customers and avoids the need for trade credit insurance and loss provisions.

Improved Sales Operations

Accepting Finstro payments will reduce the number of cases put on hold for late payments and improve sales, operations and Customer experience.

AR Efficiencies

Accepting payment by Finstro reduces Accounts Receivable payment reconciliation and associated account management efforts. Turning credit sales into cash sales will increase team productivity and reduce costs.



Accessing the right type and amount of credit for your business is important for your financial well-being. Finstro’s trade purposed credit for recurring purchases, regular or one-off business expenses lets you align repayments that work for your business revenue and achieve a strong cashflow position.

Paying by Finstro gives you the confidence to increase B2B Trade and grow your business.

Features for Buyers

Pay Suppliers on Your Terms

Finstro your payments so your Supplier gets paid upfront or on time, and for you to repay your own terms.

Longer Interest-Free Terms

Paying by Finstro gives you access to longer interest-free terms than typical net terms from Suppliers.

Improved Cashflow

Paying by Finstro lets you align repayments against business revenues and improve your overall cashflow position.

Capture Discounts

Paying by Finstro helps you negotiate favourable pricing, volume or early payment discounts from your Suppliers.

Accessible and Relevant

Unlike many forms of business credit, paying by Finstro is accessible and relevant to your business. Trade purposed credit that helps B2B Trade is good for business.

Management Flexibility

Paying by Finstro gives you the tools to manage the timing and amount of your repayments – therefore equipping your business with what it needs to overcome those unpredictable business events.



Regardless of what industry your business operates in, using Finstro to pay and get paid for B2B Trade delivers strong long-term value.
See the list of currently supported industries by Finstro here.

Industry Profiles

Wholesale Industries

With a strong growth outlook post COVID, wholesaling is rising to the new challenges of B2B e-commerce and manufacturers going direct to retail. Finstro’s extended and flexible trade credit delivers wholesale Suppliers with a point of difference unrivalled by competitors.

E-commerce and Retail

B2B e-commerce has grown rapidly in recent years and Buyers are spending more time on independent research than talking with Supplier sales reps. The Finstro Card delivers a flexible trade credit solution at the point of purchase to attract and retain those B2B e-commerce Customers.


Staffing shortages, lower Customer numbers, commodity supply issues and high rents are causing cashflow challenges. Finstro works with successful hospitality businesses to give them the flexible credit terms required to manage Supplier payments.

Transportation and Logistics

Lengthy payment terms and rising input costs are placing increased pressure on both Suppliers and independent contractors.


Supply chain pressure and weather events frequently cause unplanned delays in job completion and payments. Having access to trade purposed credit with repayment flexibility is critical to overcome those unplanned challenges.

Plumbing and Electrical

Limited line exclusivity, competition from major hardware and price discounting from virtual distributors are causing challenges for Suppliers to retain Customers and margins. Finstro supports businesses to use extended and flexible trade payments to differentiate, increase sales and accelerate cashflow.

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