Referral Program

Referral Program

Our Referral Program provides different ways for your business connections to work with Finstro. Whether you are a finance broker, independent sales organization or industry association, we would like to help your business Customers with their B2B Trade Payments.

We offer financial incentives while remaining focused on delivering strong value to your business Customers.

Connect with us at for more details

Strategic Partnerships

Finstro works with numerous strategic partners that are:

leading B2B Suppliers within their industry verticals

best of breed operators within their field of payments, technology and banking

providers of complementary products and services to SMBs

Regardless of your industry of operation, if there’s a strategic fit between our respective business models, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss mutually rewarding opportunities to work together. Connect with us at for more details.

Business Credit Guide

This article aims to provide a guide for business owners about the range of business finance and credit solutions in the market. This article is not providing advice or recommendations regarding which type of finance or credit is suited to your business.

Accounts Receivable (AR) Financing


Business Capital

Business Loans

Working Capital

Frequently Asked Questions

This section includes information we are frequently asked from businesses about Finstro, our solutions, features and the relevant application process to get started.

What is Finstro?

When did Finstro start?

How does Finstro work?

How can I Get Paid by Finstro for SMB Sales?

How can I Pay by Finstro?

What is the Finstro Card?

Will my business or personal credit score be impacted?

How do I get someone else to complete the application?

When can I access my Account?

Why do I need to provide personal information?

What are Integrations?

Will Finstro work on my device?

What is Accounts Payable (AP) Financing?

What information will I need to complete the Finstro Credit Application?

What is the eligibility criteria for a Finstro Credit Application?

What are the Fees and Charges?

Supported Industries


Retail Trade

Wholesale Trade


Transport & Logistics


Professional & Tech Services

Education & Training

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