Products designed for
your B2B Trade Payments

Trade, payment and capital products that support the way you buy from and sell to other businesses.

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Your My.Finstro Account allows you to access products and management features via our web and highly rated mobile applications. Coming Q3 '22.


Access a virtual and physical card for convenient business purchases.

Trade Credit

Access the credit your business needs to finance B2B Trade and business purchases.


Pay and get paid with card and invoiced solutions on terms that suit your business.

Finstro Trade

Finstro Trade

A credit and payment solution for recurring B2B Trade between Suppliers and Buyers.

Finstro Pay

Finstro Pay

A credit and payment solution for any business purchase.

Use our credit or other payment methods to pay any Supplier, anywhere in the world.

Finstro Loan

Finstro Loan

A flexible business credit solution designed for financing purchases of capital assets and general working capital.

My.Finstro Account

Coming Q3 2022.

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Whether you are seeking to pay, get paid or both, a Finstro Account gives you access to a card network and closed loop trade payment options to suit your business size, industry and processes.

Mobile App

Our highly rated mobile app puts account access and management into the palm of your hand.

Virtual & Physical Cards

Access a virtual and physical card for convenient card network business purchases.

Marketing Campaigns

Our marketing resources support the trusted relationship between Supplier and Buyer with co-branded campaigns that drive pay-by-Finstro adoption and sales initiatives.

AR and AP Integrations

Your Finstro Account can be integrated via API and file sharing arrangements into accounting and ERP systems to support your AR and AP management and business processes.


Coming in Q3 ’22, your Finstro Account will reward you based on B2B Trade spend and repayment patterns. With statement credit and partner redemption reward multipliers to be available.

Pricing and Eligibility

Businesses of all sizes and operating in all industries can open a Finstro Account and benefit from our products and features.

No Application or Account Fees

Applying for, opening and holding a Finstro Account is free.

Paying by Finstro

There are typically no transaction fees when you pay by Finstro. You’ll also get an interest-free period that varies in length based on the product and Supplier you’re paying.

Getting Paid by Finstro

You’ll incur a small fee for accepting Finstro which will vary depending upon the form of acceptance (i.e., card network or closed loop funds transfer) and the length of the interest-free period offered to your Customer.

Flexible Payment Extensions

Account holders will have a range of options to push repayments or split them into a number of equal periodic payments. Fees and charges will be incurred by the account holder who benefits from and makes the selection to extend their payments to suit their business.

Repayment Methods

Account holders will have a range of methods to repay their Finstro Account including fee-free repayment options.

Eligibility Criteria

Businesses of all sizes, operating in all industries can open a Finstro Account and benefit from our products and features.

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