What is a Business Line of Credit?

Ever wished you had a magic wand to wave over your cash flow accounts and create consistent and steadily growing cashflow?

Author - Tom Whitworth
November 18, 2020
What is a Business Line of Credit?
Author - Tom Whitworth
November 18, 2020
Ever wished you had a magic wand to wave over your accounts and create consistent and steadily growing cashflow? A quick trip to Diagon Alley to purchase such a wand may be wishful thinking but now there is a non-wizarding way to transform your budget with cashflow solutions, and it’s called Finstro.

Finstro seamlessly syncs with your cloud accounting software and is a holistic cashflow management and debtor management platform with a suite of valuable resources to help you better manage and forecast your cashflow.

Finstro’s credit facilities are integrated into your normal business operations. As well as identifying any cashflow issues you may encounter, Finstro then provides easy and simple solutions by providing advanced funding or paying overdue invoices. It also saves you money by providing flexible payment solutions, customisable debtor reminders, credit checks on new customers and real time analysis of your cashflow position at any time.

With Finstro installed as your magic wand, you can then manage your cash flow solutions

Use more supplier finance to increase your purchasing power for new stock and services and grow your business faster. Don’t let cash flow restrictions reduce your ability to order and purchase inputs, which in turn can restrict outputs – how much you can sell, how much work you can complete. Having a secure cash flow also allows you to access volume discounts by purchasing more stock in a single order.

Reduce levels of debt owing and remove your dependence on slow-paying debtors in order to invest in growth. Accelerating customer payments using Finstro’s customised reminders will allow you to invest in growth and secure your cash flow.

Use Finstro’s cashflow insurance to plan your budget and have greater confidence that your budget will be resilient to factors outside of your control such as delayed payments and unexpected expenses.

No matter what your business, or how good your cashflow modelling is, the unexpected can and does happen and you can hit a cash flow crisis. With Finstro’s cashflow solutions backing you up, you can have more confidence that such a crisis can be avoided. Now that’s magic for your business and your stress levels. To find out more, simply click here to access your free trial so you can start transforming your cash flow right away – just like magic.

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