Three reasons small businesses need brokers now, more than ever
Author - Liam Brennan
April 15, 2021
Three reasons small businesses need brokers now, more than ever
Author - Liam Brennan
April 15, 2021

As Australia recovers from the effects of, many businesses are discovering a renewed sense of optimism, with fast growth predictions across a number of states and sectors. However, alongside that optimism comes uncertainty – uncertainty driven by the loss of government stimulus packages, a shift in consumer behaviour and the impacts on cashflow faced by thousands of small businesses after a bushfire-pandemic double-punch.

That is why, as the country adjusts back to normal life, it’s more important than ever for small business owners to have access to trusted support and advice. Whether they’re looking to grow their business, change their model or simply get back on track, here are three ways brokers can support their clients right now (and how Finstro can help them do it).

Relieve business income pressure

After months of closures and restrictions, as well as standard seasonal dips, many business owners are critically reliant on funds tied up in customer invoices, with less capacity to absorb slow or late payments. This, in turn, affects their ability to pay bills or invest in building their business.

You can help your clients break the cycle of cashflow stress with access to a flexible line of credit that’s designed to help them control their business, on their terms. With Finstro, business owners can draw directly into a business bank account whenever it is needed, with an interest-free period up to 44 days and no fee for unused funds.

Enable investment and growth

Your client may have steady income and a growing business, but to reach their potential, an upfront investment may be required for anything from purchasing stock in bulk to paying for advertising or refitting their premises to adapt to new ways of working.

We’re here to help you empower small business owners with access to amounts from $1000 to $500k. With a quick 10-minute application and approval within 24 hours, your client can bridge those cashflow gaps and keep their business moving.

Future-proof business finance

Small business owners are resilient, and that entrepreneurial spirit means most will not go down without a fight. With the challenges of the past couple of years fresh in their minds, many businesses are shifting the way they work, whether that means tapping into the gig economy to lower staffing costs, or pivoting their business model to enable remote orders, workflow, and delivery.

A broker can help facilitate these changes by understanding the future aspirations of the business, assessing the sustainability of the business plan, and supporting their clients with a financial solution that is tailored to them.

With clarity on their projected cashflow needs and access to flexible funds when they need them most, your small business clients can continue to trade with confidence long into the future.

Help your clients grow their businesses today

As a partner-lead organisation, Finstro is designed to deliver more value to brokers and clients, with a dedicated Channel Manager, ongoing commissions and tailored finance and payment solutions. Get in touch today to find out more about the Finstro Broker Program and empower your clients to trade and grow.

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