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Powerful and flexible line of credit for your business
Suitable for businesses of all sizes
Suitable for all industries
No property security required

Over $1 Billion

funded to help Australian businesses

Flexible solutions to help your business trade and grow

Pay Suppliers

Pay Suppliers

Purchase stock and pay any business expense with flexible repayment options.

Fund Customer Invoices

Fund Customer Invoices

Accelerate cashflow and access funds tied up in unpaid invoices.

Business Overdraft

Business Overdraft

Flexible access to working capital to manage cash flow.

Tailored Marketing Support

Tailored Marketing Support

Finstro will provide simple marketing tools and support to help communicate that your business now accepts Finstro payments.

Pay Overseas Suppliers

Pay Overseas Suppliers

An easy way to pay overseas suppliers with flexible repayment terms.

Finstro Card

Finstro Card

Both a virtual and physical card solution that gives business account holders the flexibility to pay for purchases on terms that suit your business’ cash flow.


A Revolving Line of Credit puts you in control.

Our payment solutions put you back in control of your cashflow with a linked revolving line of credit.

Once approved for a Global Limit, you can draw down whenever it suits your business and cash flow, or leave it as a safety net and pay $0 interest until its needed.

No property security required and no cost till you use it.


How does it work?

The flexibility to manage your business payments and cashflow as you see fit.

Apply today with basic business details, and connect your bank or accounting software for faster approvals.

You can be approved for a limit and ready to go in less than 24 hours.

Pay suppliers, draw down on your overdraft or fund customer invoices from the convenience of your Desktop and mobile app.
Only pay interest when you draw on your limit, with flexible repayment options on every draw.

Key benefits

One application. One platform. Multiple Solutions to handle every situation.

One Limit, Multiple Solutions
Once approved for a limit, you have access to and can draw down from your limit using the solution which suits your business need.

Pay Suppliers
Pay any business expense, including rent and ATO on your Line of Credit. Repay in flexible instalments.

Accelerate Customer Payments
Access cashflow on slow-paying customer invoices. Select individual or multiple invoices, while maintaining control of your customer relationships.

Safety Net
No cost unless you use the facility. Drawdown to capture opportunities or cover unexpected expenses at the click of a button.

Advanced Shotcrete, NSW

“Having the benefit of utilising Finstro’s products and services has given us the confidence and the means to take on more profitable contracts, which we would shy away from in the past due to their scale.”

Tony Albert

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