Merchant Account

The simple and powerful trade account solution for you and your business customers, now backed by the SME Government Guarantee.

Government Guaranteed Trade Accounts to help your customers.

Built to back Australian businesses

Trade accounts that work for you and your customers

Increase your sales, remove your default and late payment risk, and get paid faster. The Finstro Trade account offers your customers total control over their trade payments, with extended terms and flexible repayments, whilst you get paid instantly with no residual risk

Customers sign up in under 3 minutes

Offer extended interest free terms or instalments to business customers

Get paid on purchases straight away
No more payment or credit default risk

How does it work?

Unlike a traditional invoice financing solution, the Finstro Trade Account removes all your late payment and default risk from your customers.


Your Customer simply downloads the Finstro App from the App Store and can be approved in as little as 3 minutes.


Set up your offer of extended terms or interest-free instalments to your business customers.

Get Paid and Grow

You get paid straight away on all purchases, and your customers can purchase more with you.

The key benefits

Take simple way to manage your trade receivables and increase your cashflow and sales.

Incredibly Fast Application

Your customer can apply and be approved in under 3 minutes.


Receive prompt settlement of initial trade account balances and future invoices.


Increase revenue and your competitive advantage by offering extended trade terms and interest-free instalments to your business customers.

Government Guaranteed low rates

With no-cost-to-customer options or rates as low as 5.95% p.a., your business customers can get back on track and trade out of COVID-19 with you.


Small business payment and default risk transferred off your balance sheet.

Grow your
Customer Numbers

Little to no change to business processes and you maintain control of your client relationship throughout.

Sureline, QLD

“Finstro has been amazing, their support team are dedicated to meeting your individual requirements. Everything is handled efficiently and with clarity. They definitely understand and meet the needs of business owners.”


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