Finstro Family: Darren McLeod

Channel Manager VIC | TAS

Author - Liam Brennan
April 15, 2021
Finstro Family: Darren McLeod
Author - Liam Brennan
April 15, 2021

My position within the Finstro team is …

Channel Manager VIC | TAS


I wanted to join Finstro because … 

Been a strong desire to utilise my networks within the SME market, and to be able to deliver options and opportunities differently


A typical day in my week involves… 

Completing appointments and returning calls. All in readiness for anything out of the ordinary which may present on a Friday, just before a weekend.


The thing I most enjoy about working at Finstro is … 

The opportunity to demonstrate and grow our footprint within the local Victorian and Tasmanian market


The most challenging part of working at Finstro is … 

This will change over time, as this business evolves, yet the key part of working with Finstro, is to be flexible & resilient.


When I’m not working, you can find me …

catching up with friends, whether it’s over a few drinks at the bar, enjoying a game of AFL (or a few other sports) or even trackside, enjoying the social side of horse racing


The one piece of technology I can’t live without is … 

With the ever-changing landscape around technology, there is no one piece. Yet to drill it down, it would have to be my smart device (phone). And maybe an APP or two!


Something people don’t know about me … 

 People quite often find me quiet in new surroundings, and unless they either meet me again or hang around long enough, I get that people think I’m stand offish’. Yet once I feel comfortable with you, your thoughts quickly change. I am very passionate & protective of family & close friends, and with this, have enjoyed being part of, being one of the initial members of the Good Blokes Society. This group is a great place where a bloke can be himself feel comfortable to share amongst other Good Blokes, a network between many, and to be able to use the network for either business, friendship or even raise funds for our charity partners.


If I could join another team in Finstro it would be … 

Hard to answer this, and quite often one day wouldn’t suffice. I do like creating things that can help others, or sharing info.


My favourite local SME business is… 

I have a milk bar/general store nearby, a family-operated business for 20+ years. They have needed to evolve over time to maintain current trends and offerings. Over time, have gotten to know the full family to which to this day, I call friends.


What I’m most looking forward to this year … 

A third consecutive Premiership by the Richmond (AFL) Football Club. Workwise, to build the Finstro brand into an acknowledged, and well-known offering within the Third Party market.

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