Accept Finstro Payments

The efficient and effective way to extend flexible credit terms to your business customers without the risk.

Trade Payments built for business

Receive Trade Payments on your terms, every time.

Finstro identified an outage for SMBs when it came to financials between Suppliers and Buyers. We defined the Trade Payments category and created a solution that allows Suppliers to get paid on time every time by their Customers who use Finstro.

With over 7,000+ global businesses and over $1 billion in transactions, Finstro eases financial friction, allowing for business growth.

Offering Finstro acceptance to Customers gives them financial flexibility while always paying you on time

Cashflow certainty allows for future planning and business growth

Eliminates uncomfortable conversations for past-due payments

Offers the Buy Now, Pay Later model and point of difference without compromising cashflow

Key Benefits

Suppliers just need to sign up to become a Finstro Partner and start accepting payments. Invoices are paid on time and without extending credit to Customers.

Build Customer Relationships

Show Customers that you’re dedicated to providing them options to decide how best to manage their own cashflow—without risk to you.


Get paid on time. With your Customer’s approval, you can even be paid for existing account balances.

Tailored Marketing

Finstro will provide simple marketing tools and support to help communicate that your business now accepts Finstro payments.


Once your customer is approved to pay by Finstro, we accept the late payment and default risk.

Sync Your
ERP System

Link your ERP to our platform and efficiently manage your account receivable.

Linked Credit

We can provide your approved and referred Customers with a limit that’s exclusively available for purchases with your business

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