Get Paid By Finstro

The effective way to extend flexible trade payment terms to your business customers. 

Trade Payments built for business

Trade Payment Solutions that work for you and your customers

Partner with us and accept Finstro for invoiced sales to your business customers.  Get paid upfront or on the due date and remove payment default risk.  Give your business customers the flexibility and control to pay on Net or Extended Terms to suit their business.  Improve your cash while also supporting your customers.  Be different.  Accept Finstro today and grow sales tomorrow.  
Onboard business customers in minutes 

Support existing and win new customers by giving them the flexibility and control of Net or Extended Terms that suit their business 

Cashflow certainty.  Get paid upfront or on time – every time 

No more payment or credit default risk 

Be different. Accept Finstro today and grow sales tomorrow

The key benefits

A simple way to manage your trade receivables and increase your cashflow and sales.


Your business customers can apply and be approved within minutes. 


Your business can choose to be paid on invoice issue or due date – giving you cashflow certainty.  You can even get paid for existing account balances. 

Competitive Difference & Increased Sales

Be different.  Support your business customers with relevant and flexible trade payment terms.  Win new business and increase sales to existing customers. 

Tailored Marketing

Finstro will provide the marketing tools and support to let your business customers know you now accept Finstro and they can now pay you by Finstro.  


Once your customer is approved to pay by Finstro, we accept the late payment and default risk.

Your Customers
and Your Control

We let you stay in control of your customer relationships while gaining the benefits of accelerated cashflow and business process efficiencies. 

Sync, Your
ERP System

Link your ERP to our platform to invite your customers to pay by Finstro. Efficiently manage your accounts receivables.

Linked Credit

We will provide your approved customers with a limit that is exclusively available for purchases they make from you.   

Focus on the
Core Relationship

With Finstro, you can focus on the core underlying business relationship and don’t let the uncomfortable subject of net terms or trade credit risk your important relationships.  

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