Pay Suppliers by Finstro

Use Finstro to pay for your invoiced purchases and get the flexibility and control to pay on net or extended terms that suit your business cashflow.   

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Accessible, Trade Purposed Finance

Now you can gain access to finance that is purposely designed to help you make purchases from your suppliers/vendors while getting the flexible benefits of interest free net terms or extending those terms to suit your business.   Join our growing Member base and Finstro your supplier trade payments.  

How does it work?

By using Finstro to make purchases from your suppliers/vendors, you can effectively ‘buy now and pay later Unlike a business loan or credit card, Finstro gives you the flexibility to set repayments that suit your business and therefore control your cashflow.

Sync your Finstro account to your accounting system to manage invoices and save time. 

Your supplier gets paid within 24 hours (often within a few minutes). 

Control the timing of when you repay us for your business purchases.  

No costs to apply and no fees or charges if you don’t use your account. 

The key benefits

There is now a completely different way to manage your business trade credit or invoice purchases 

Efficient Application Process

Fully digital application process that can see your business approved and ready to pay by Finstro within minutes.   

Accounting System

Sync your Finstro Account with your accounting platform to save time with processing supplier invoice payments.  

Focus on the
Core Relationship

With Finstro, your suppliers can get paid upfront so you can focus on the core relationship and pricing of your purchases. Capture those early payment or volume discounts and don’t let net terms or trade credit impede your underlying business relationship.  


Joining our growing Member base and paying by Finstro gives you the confidence to make those purchasing decisions needed to grow your business. 

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