Finstro payments to suppliers

Simply and promptly pay invoiced business purchases by Finstro, but on your terms. Becoming a Member is fast and without hassle, and onboarding process is easy.

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Accessible, Trade-Purposed Finance

Pay invoices on your own terms when cashflow’s right, but with the confidence that Suppliers are paid promptly. Unlike a business loan or credit card, Finstro provides the flexibility to determine repayments that work for your business and cashflow.

It’s essentially Buy Now, Pay Later for Trade–a win-win that inspires business growth!

Key Benefits

Finstro’s defined the Trade Payments category and offers a totally different way to manage your invoices.  

Becoming a Finstro Member is fast and easy. Our onboarding is also simple and offers many options.

How does it work?

By using Finstro to make purchases from your suppliers/vendors, you can effectively ‘buy now and pay later Unlike a business loan or credit card, Finstro gives you the flexibility to set repayments that suit your business and therefore control your cashflow.

Sync your Finstro account to your accounting system for seamless financial management.

Your supplier gets paid when you specify.

No application fees or charges if you don’t use your Finstro account.

Repay Finstro for your business purchases when you’re ready.

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