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  • Industry Associations with SMB members.
  • Finance brokers with business clients seeking trade purposed credit solutions. 
  • Referrers with established business networks that could benefit Trade Payment solutions.  

Introduce Finstro Trade Payments to your customer relationships

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Key benefits

Introduce your B2B trade relationships to a different approach to trade payments.  Whether they are supplying on net terms or buying on net terms, Finstro will help their business. 

Unique yet Fit for Purpose

It is not likely your business relationships will have a solution like Finstro yet if they are involved in B2B trade as a supplier or buyer – they almost certainly will benefit from it.  


Finstro will provide you with collateral and support to run campaigns to your business audience inviting them to adopt the Finstro solution.  


Our fully digital processes will enable us to set up suppliers to start accepting Finstro or buyers to start paying by Finstro, within a small number of days (and sometimes even same day).  


Attractive commissions that reward you for looking after your business relationships.  


With dedicated affiliate partner support and direct access to our relevant account managers.  

Complimentary and Supportive

Finstro solutions are frequently seen as complimentary to other credit products and business process solutions and they are always seen as supporting small business – often considered the backbone of the economy.

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