Get rewarded for referrals as an Affiliate

  • Industry associations
  • Finance brokers with clients seeking trade-purposed credit solutions
  • Referrers with established business networks that could benefit Trade Payment solutions

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Get rewarded for referrals as an affiliate. Introduce your B2B Trade relationships to Finstro, such as:

  • Industry associations with SMB members
  • Finance brokers seeking trade-purposed credit solutions

Key benefits

Finstro has over 7,000 global business accounts with over $1 billion in Trade Payments which has led to a solid reputation for Trade Payments. Now launching in the United States in 2022, this offers a huge untapped market for Affiliates!


Attractive rewards for introductions resulting in new Finstro accounts.

Unique yet Fit for Purpose

Finstro’s defined Trade Payments which is a great solution for both Suppliers and Buyers. 90% of US-based SMBs surveyed said they would likely adopt the Finstro payment solution.


Finstro will provide you with collateral and support to run campaigns to your networks and contacts, inviting them tp adopt the Finstro Trade Payments solution. 


Our technology allows for fast approval of new Finstro account holders, both Suppliers and Buyers. And our onboarding process is easy and efficient, too!

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