Meet Finstro - the flexible way to pay and improve cash flow

You know what works best for your cash flow. So, we’ve partnered with Finstro to help you pay on terms that suit your business needs.

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Be flexible with how and when you pay

Whether it’s your outstanding balance or a new purchase, make it easy with Finstro.

How Finstro boosts your business

No Transaction Fees

Pay zero transaction fees on all purchases made with us.

Pay on Your Terms

Pay us by Finstro and repay on extended terms that suit your business's cash flow.

Grow Your Business

Paying by Finstro enables larger orders and more sales to grow your business.

Improve Your Business

Interest-free terms for up to 44 days.

Sign up through the Finstro app

Setting up your Finstro account is easy on the Finstro app. And Finstro’s instant approval process means you can get started in no time. 

Download the Finstro app

Install the Finstro app from the App Store or Play Store to get started.

Set up and activate

Sign up using some basic info about your business. Get approved in minutes if you meet all the requirements.

Pay with Finstro on your terms

Once approved, you can use your virtual Finstro Card right away. You’ll also receive a physical Mastercard for extra convenience.

Smart, flexible and built for your business

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