Software Engineer (.Net)

Role Title: Senior Back-End Developer
Department: Technology
Location: Sydney
Reporting to: Head of Delivery

Author - James Stanton
January 8, 2020
Software Engineer (.Net)
Author - James Stanton
January 8, 2020

Role Purpose:
The role is responsible for creating, delivering and maintaining world-class FinTech digital products. As the Senior Back-end Developer, you will work closely with the technology team, business analysts, Scrum team and all associated stakeholders to define key requirements. You are bridging the gap between back end server technical solutions and business requirements. You will develop, test, implement, deploy and support the back-end code. You will ensure the best use of 3rd Party integrations and develop the Finstro solution integrations.


Key Accountabilities: Key Activities: Measurement:
Business Analysis Own and deliver the required new functionality required by all user groups via technical input to requirements gathering. Internal customer feedback
Attend daily scrum meetings with and ensure stand-up behaviours are adhered to. Customer feedback
Plan, elicit, document and manage requirements in the form of user stories and document acceptance criteria within agreed timelines (using Confluence and JIRA). 
Requirements Definition & ManagementInterpret user requirements/user stories and produce code with minimal defects.


Meeting project task deadlines
Contribute to selection of the most appropriate means of representing business requirements, ensuring traceability back to source and cross checks with factual information. Discover and analyse requirements for fitness for purpose as well as adherence to business objectives and consistency, challenging positively as appropriate.


Meets Finstro methodology, quality and governance standards
Obtain formal agreement by stakeholders and recipients to scope and requirements and establishes a base-line on which delivery of a solution can commence.


Successful delivery of IT system improvements, maintenance and support, and projects
Manage requests for and the application of changes to base-lined requirements. Identifies the impact on business requirements of interim (e.g. migration) scenarios as well as the required end position.


Relationship Building & ManagementDevelop and maintain an ongoing relationship with internal clients.


Internal feedback
Provide advice and support to team members.


Gather information from the customer to understand their drivers of business value, immediate needs and detailed requirements.


Facilitate open communication and discussion between stakeholders, using feedback to assess and promote understanding of need for future changes in services, products and systems.


OperationalResearching, designing, implementing and managing software programs
Quality of code delivery, minimal rework and QA failures
Testing and evaluating new programs


Estimate accuracy
Identifying areas for modification in existing programs and subsequently developing these modifications in agreed sprints


All tasks completed within published metrics
Writing and implementing quality and efficient code in the appropriate agreed language


360 Feedback
Perform unit testing as required to ensure fit for purpose product


Successful product delivery
Apply and champion internal quality standards in software development


Customer Service Demonstrate the drive to deliver customer service excellence in every action and decision for both internal and external customers


Customer Feedback
Actively seek opportunities to contribute to positive outcomes for stakeholders


ValuesDemonstrate and display commitment to and understanding of the Finstro values


Manager feedback
Promote positive culture within the team and work collaboratively with other business units


Health and SafetyDemonstrate a commitment to and understanding of the safety needs at all times


H&S issues raised and addressed
Be familiar with WHS policies and where to find procedures


Manager feedback
Attend and complete all WHS training annually



Able to adapt to changing priorities
Delivers to revised priorities


Information Gathering

Identifies the specific information needed to clarify a situation or to make a decision.


Gets more complete and accurate information by checking multiple sources.


Probes skilfully to get at the facts, when others are reluctant to provide full, detailed information.


Questions others to assess whether they have thought through a plan of action.


Questions others to assess their confidence in solving a problem or tackling a situation.


Asks questions to clarify a situation.


Seeks the perspective of everyone involved in a situation.


Seeks out knowledgeable people to obtain information or clarify a problem.


Research Able to keep up to date with latest technologies through own research


Adept at evaluating multiple options based on external information
Drills down to enough level of detail to have sufficient data for sound decisions


Building RelationshipsSolicits advice, support, championship, sponsorship and commitment to program success across the organization.


Procures and maintains support from key stakeholders in the enterprise to deliver the program deliverables and outcomes.


Builds both formal and informal professional networks, and extends these networks within, across and external to organizational boundaries


Technical ExpertiseEffectively applies technical knowledge to solve a range of problems.


Possesses an in-depth knowledge and skill in a technical area.


Develops technical solutions to new or highly complex problems that cannot be solved using existing methods or approaches.


Is sought out as an expert to provide advice or solutions in his/her technical area.


Keeps informed about cutting-edge technology in his/her technical area


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