Business Overdraft

A simple virtual overdraft facility to help you manage your cashflow.

Up to $250k on a simple, flexible business overdraft

Simple working capital facility

Draw funds whenever you need them, directly into your business bank account for wages, purchases, projects or unplanned expenses. Access additional funds up to your limit at any time, no minimum periods between draws.

Up to 250k limits based on turnover

Revolving Line of Credit, redraw anytime

Flexible repayments

Only pay on drawn funds

How does it work?

Draw Down

Select how much funding to draw, and then click to transfer it directly to your linked bank account.

Flexible Repayments

Select the frequency that suits your cashflow, with up to 12 month terms.

Redraw anytime

As you repay, you can redraw on your available limit anytime you need to.

Key Benefits

Control your cashflow with a flexible and revolving business overdraft.

Fast and Simple Applications

Apply online in as little as five minutes.


Approvals and funding available within 24 hours.

Flexible Repayments

Select the repayment amount and term that suits your business cashflow.


Revolving Line of Credit available to draw anytime you need it.


Use as overdraft faciltilty for unexpected expenses or cover cashflow gaps.

No Cost Cashflow Safety Net

No cost at all, unless you use the facility.

Radiator Wetsuits, WA

“Great service and great product. Access to capital is the biggest obstacle for SMEs and the banks are just not there. These guys are totally on the ball.”

Bob Lushey

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