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Simple tips to improve your cash flow

Ask business owners what is the single biggest problem they face on a daily basis and chances are that having sufficient cash to pay bills…

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Why cash flow is King (or Queen)

You can call cashflow king. Or you can call cash flow queen if you favour equality (and don’t we all).

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‘Instant Asset Write Off’ explained for your business

A key feature of the 2015/16 Federal Budget (and subsequent Federal Budgets since) was the $20,000 Instant Asset Write Off scheme for small businesses.

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How to use debt to your advantage

It’s an old adage that you need money to make money. In other words, you need money to invest in order to grow your wealth.

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Why a Business Loan might not solve your cash flow problems.

In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between fixed-term business loans and cash flow finance – and why a one size fits all approach to finance does not work.

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Read these 8 facts before redesigning your business website.

Whether you sell apples or zebras, or anything in between – one thing will remain the same – success comes more seamlessly to this businesses who put their customers first, whether it’s online or offline.

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Choosing the right structure for your business – Sole Trader vs Pty Ltd Company

Registering a Pty Ltd vs Registering as a Sole Trader – What are the key differences?
The first decision for many entrepreneurs or aspiring business owners is choosing the right legal structure for their business. This decision can be complex and requires a genuine understanding of the differences between the business structures, the responsibilities that are required for each, and how these variables will impact the ongoing operations.

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What is invoice factoring and how does it work?

Invoice factoring is a process by which businesses use their unpaid invoices to smooth out cash flow requirements by having a third party, usually a financial organisation known a ‘factoring company’, buy their invoice at a discount from the face value. Here’s how it normally works:

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Why a Line of Credit is far better than a Business Loan these holidays

As the Christmas period draws nearer, many businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors look forward to their busiest trading period in the year…

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Business Finance – consider your options!

If your business is in start-up mode or in the early stages of growth, you might be looking for business finance. According to the Reserve Bank’s Small Business Finance Advisory Panel, however, one in five small businesses find it difficult to access what they need.

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